“Efficient Wallpaper Paste Filling Machine for Perfect Powder Packaging”

A short video demonstrates the process of using a Volumetric Filler to measure wallpaper paste and dispense it into a Line Equipment LE200 bag-making machine. The Volumetric Filler is specifically designed for powders and is integrated into a Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine, which is used for packaging wallpaper paste and other powdered substances.

In the video, the Volumetric Filler can be seen accurately measuring the desired amount of wallpaper paste and dropping it into the bag-making machine. The filler ensures precise measurements, eliminating any wastage or inconsistencies in the filling process. This ensures that each bag contains the correct amount of wallpaper paste, maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction.

The VFFS machine then seals the bags, creating a secure and professional packaging solution. The process is efficient and streamlined, allowing for high production rates and increased productivity. The video showcases the reliability and effectiveness of the Volumetric Filler and the VFFS machine in the wallpaper paste packaging industry.

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“Efficiently Transforming Powders into Volumetric Filler for VFFS: A Solution for Wallpaper Paste”
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