Belt conveyor

The manufacturer of the building materials is actively trying to optimize the production process so that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, while alternative sources of raw materials and fuel are used. Therefore, in recent years, the alternative fuel has been adopted by the production line of seven kiln in PT factory. However, we can also see that if you want to complete the delivery of materials from the warehouse to the kiln, installing a belt conveyor is something you have to do. So, we can see that there is a problem here, which is how to integrate the conveyor with the existing plant conditions, which is actually a challenge. Because we are solving this problem, we also need to bypass the existing warehouse and other equipment in the factory, because the normal operation of other equipment cannot be affected.

The best route needs to be chosen.

The maximum tilt Angle of 22 degrees and the characteristics of the materials to be transported need to be considered. The decision of PT Inducement is to adopt the fpc2 belt conveyor.

The enclosed conveyance system needs to be adopted, because only in this way, it will be convenient to adapt to the terrain conditions, and the best route needs to be selected. At the same time, the problem of tilt Angle can be overcome, because it is necessary to ensure safe operation. In addition, in a completely enclosed environment, if you want to transport the material, no dust will occur during the delivery. Where did the berman technology come from? In fact, its technology relies on decades of expertise in the delivery of equipment manufacturing, durable mechanical techniques and specialized tape designs.

In December 2006, the berman group received an order for the manufacture and installation of the fpc1 belt conveyor. According to the specifications provided by the berman group, they can be made locally in Indonesia for most parts of the system.


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