Radius of turn after 8 levels, ranging from 1000 meters to 5000 meters, at the same time, berman group to simulate complex also, after a series of testing, accurate tape tension were calculated the berman group. Project there are a lot of difficult, on the one hand, rugged mountainous terrain is one of the difficult, on the other hand, the maximal height fall is bigger, in general, it may be 100 meters, so, we all know, this is also a huge challenge. Reducing the total cost of the project as much as possible is our goal, and in order to achieve this, the horizontal turns and the 55-meter-high span of the bridge are set up by the berman group.

According to the technical parameters of the berman group engineer gives, Asia cement group manufacture and installation of steel structure bridge, we can see that in this whole process, there are berman group installation engineers for the whole supervision and guidance. The purpose of this is to ensure that the project is safe. The core technology of designing and manufacturing the driving device, the core parts of the tensioning device, the whole tape, the roller and the driving technology is the berman group, so the core technology is very critical.

Any challenge can be solved by the berman group.

If it is a 12.5 kilometer conveyor, the 25km conveyor belt will need to be installed. The total vulcanization joint of the conveyor belt is 56. At the same time, it has a bandwidth of about 1200mm, with a strong heel height. Generally speaking, it can reach 2800N/mm. At the same time, eight horizontal turns are excluded, and we can see that the device has 28 vertical turns.