Bulk transport with integrated filters is bulk transport.

Bulk transport with integrated filters is bulk transport.

Do you know what the advantages of a BEUMER bulk load with integrated compressed air filters are? It can be operated independently of the centralized dust removal system and dust transport equipment, which is an important advantage of it. If only one batch loading system is connected to them, too much effort is needed for its installation. During the loading process, you can see that the dust removed from the bulk transport vehicle is again transported to the material flow. The composition of the compressed air filter is the filter hose between the inner tube and the outer box. It is the suction that is fixed by the fan outside. The time compressed air shock is done by cleaning. As we all know, it has to be provided by customers with 4 to 6 compressed air. What’s the way it works? After studying, we know that its operation method is the same as the standard bulk cargo head.

Now, let’s look at the loading system for open cars.

The non-dust-mounted open vehicles are all types of retractable loading systems. We can see that when the loading process starts, a large cargo head is lowered to the floor of the vehicle. At the same time, the feed of the material may be opened. In a lower dust hood, do you know what the effect of a filler switch that is activated by a rising material? It can automatically increase the large capacity load head. Do you know what the edge of the dust hood always does? It’s always going to be on the material cone when it’s going up, because of that, it’s not going to get out of the dust. A central dedusting air system must be connected to a bellows or a telescopic pipe. The proper delivery system or flow control door provides this material.





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