In August 2007, we could see that these devices had been installed in the stipulated time, and it was running. The throughput is very high, about 200 tons per hour. The delivery speed is also fast, about 1.35 meters per second. To avoid horizontal turns and vertical turns that overlap with each other is our goal. In order to achieve this goal, in every turn, the berman group has made a unique design. The project has a total length of 340 meters, a height of about 90 meters, and three horizontal turns and two vertical turns are adopted on this route.

In mid-2008, we could see that this grooved belt conveyor was effectively installed and completed, and at the same time it went into operation. Everything is not perfect, the conveyor belt is the same, although many logistics and terrain obstacles still exist, but all difficulties or be overcome by berman group, at the same time, it also realizes the completed on schedule. We can see that is passed to the customer what group is not only a machine equipment, in fact, there are more important things exist, develop and fully meet customer requirements of professional spirit is the most important thing.

Ensure belt tension fall in six and six paragraphs under the corresponding control is our purpose, in order to achieve this goal, so they have special drive and the corresponding berman control system is the equipment installed. The drive power is also very high. In general, it is 6x500KW. In the meantime, it is berman that the control system changes frequency. What is the driving method? How is it driven? A 2x500kw dual drive drum and a 1x500kw single-drive drum are feeding position; The unloading position is a 2x500kw double-drive drum and a 1x500kw single-drive drum. The tensioning device is adopted by the tensioning device, so if it is adjusted, its geometrical parameters can be fixed.