Conveyor belt materials

According to experience, generally speaking, we all choose the corresponding conveyor belt materials and surface structure according to different products, which are the products of experience, so it is not wrong to do so.

Generally speaking, if there is no contact energy and data transmission, the burman cross-belt sorting machine fpc2 can be of great help to you. It gives you maximum flexibility, and your operating costs can be greatly reduced. In addition, according to the customer’s plant architecture, modular design concept can also design the ideal sorting equipment, it will produce a great result, the efficiency is not affected and restricted.

Here’s a look at its features:

Generally speaking, if you are required by different processing requirements, you can quickly adapt to the purpose of using contactless energy and data transfer technology, which is very reliable. At the same time, you can also effectively adjust the speed of cross belt import and unloading. If so, maintenance costs are greatly reduced, and product damage is reduced. At the same time, reduced product damage, clogging and downtime all provide a great deal of help in reducing the gap between the roller and the adjacent cross-belt.

What is fpc3 cross-belt sorting system? What advantages does it have? How can it help people’s lives? Now, let’s take a look at its role.

Fpc3 cross-belt sorting machine is a high-speed circular sorting system, which can greatly shorten the time of installation and commissioning. At the same time, in the design layout, it is also extremely flexible. This is an important advantage. As you can see, this new kind of sorting technology has many advantages, and environmental advantage is one of its important advantages. Do you know how energy efficiency works? It can reduce the cost of product life cycle. At the same time, speed, performance, and reliability are not affected. It’s all something that can’t be replaced.


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