You know the reason for choosing the berman group. What is it? Generally speaking, we may encounter a difficult passage in transit zone, when we are conveying, if you use trucks, so your shipping costs will be greatly increased, there is no doubt about it. So the cost has been greatly increased. If you use the fpc2 conveyor, your time and energy can be greatly saved. On the other hand, your human cost can be greatly reduced. This compared with using truck or rail transportation mode, if use berman, transportation equipment, carbon dioxide emissions, noise and sound can be effectively reduced, this is contributing to a green! So, the use of berman’s conveyor will bring great benefits.

With great savings potential, it can help you to quickly amortize the purchase cost, maintain low cost, and have an intelligent feeding control system. Berman’s feeding equipment is extremely advantageous in terms of cost effectiveness. The load of the device is greatly reduced by high quality drive technology and high quality, low wear and low maintenance components. At the same time, the service life of the equipment has been greatly improved.

The characteristics of the fpc3 conveyor: it is applicable to the economical ecological solutions of bulk materials and delivery, which are the experience of the design and manufacture of berman for decades. So these are crystals.

The purpose of energy conservation can be achieved through downward sloping delivery:

It’s a simple, ecological process.

When the material is slanted down, the kinetic energy of the material will be converted, and in general, it will be converted into electricity. The motor running mode is run in energy regeneration mode.

Whether it’s the motor drive mode or the motor driven by the energy regenerative mode, in fact, we can see that we can adjust the majority. Therefore, the optimal load distribution can be realized under different operating conditions.

Under certain load conditions, the equipment will run in energy regeneration mode when running. The power obtained also has a great effect. It can be directed back to the power supply through a positive feedback unit. At the same time, the operation cost of the whole equipment can be reduced.



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