Developing clean energy is a process of turning waste into treasure.

Developing clean energy is a process of turning waste into treasure.

In terms of waste incineration equipment, the products L very much trust are the fpc1 conveyor of the berman group.

Energy suppliers to adopt L fpc1 conveyor equipment is berman group, this machine can realize the life rubbish and industrial waste and sludge from the treatment plant to the power plant, this is a very big advantage. Fpc1 on the one hand, we can see that the machine features high efficiency and energy saving, on the other hand, it also very environmental protection, enclosed is the structure of the system adopts the structure, by adopting the structure, so also can transport waste, through the public area and the surrounding environment also can not affected by the point: it is mainly reflected in several aspects, first, there is no material loss, the second, no unpleasant smell, no pollution, and the third, the environment clean, clean can be guaranteed. The three-dimensional curved structure is adopted by fpc1 conveyor, so it can perfectly match the transmission line.

What is the location of the waste thermal power plant? It is located in the Linz industrial area of the Danube river and has been running since 2011. This garbage thermal power plant is an important supplement to local biochemical power plant and regional heating storage system. So, it also plays a big role. Central heating and the electricity needed to power the grid come from factories. At present, we can see that this energy supplier can complete all processes, from one-stop to garbage disposal, from collection to environmental reuse. “You can see that, from our waste management process, it’s more standardized, so the supply safety of the district heating network has been greatly improved.” This is what the waste management director of Linz services said.


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