Do you know what is a loading machine ?

Do you know what is a fpc1 loading machine ? Now, we can look at the machine.

The fpc1 loading machine has a telescopic head, and you can see that it can be adjusted in three dimensions. Because of its design philosophy, it is applicable to truck and car handling. This design concept of the berman group is excellent, and we all see it. A few decades ago, the design was patented in Germany. This is a great achievement. As you can see, the berman group has a big role to play, which not only provides a standard solution to a wide range of customers. At the same time, it specially designed, manufactured and installed all kinds of loading equipment that matched the customer’s personalized requirements. These loading devices are applicable to road and rail transport vehicles, so we all know that it can not only provide stand-alone equipment. At the same time, it can also design a complete set of equipment for all kinds of packaging factories worldwide. That’s pretty amazing, right? The berman group has a number of high quality products, such as mechanical and automatic or semi-automatic bag handling machines, which are the main products of the burmen group. This machine with bag handling equipment collocation, has formed the one whole set of the complete system, a set of complete system including bag feeding equipment, bag cleaner, torn bags have chosen equipment and system control system.

High efficiency 2 and 1: it can realize automatic loading and automatic stacking.

Berman fpc2 is a set of economical, efficient systems, it can be done at the same time loading and stowage bag material, in cement, lime, gypsum, grain, flour, sugar, plastic particles, feed, fertilizer, and similar products, it is also applicable. Because it has a mobile or fixed structure design, it can meet the needs of different use cases.




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