Do you know what is a wheeled container ?

Do you know what is a wheeled container ? It also has additional modules available. The parcel is unloaded in bulk. Normally, it can enter a subsequent conveyor system by a retractable belt conveyor with integrated side plates.

It also has higher productivity and unloading capabilities, so these two advantages are also very important.

The characteristic of burman’s unloader fpc1 is rugged and durable, which is very important. This unloader has a great advantage over traditional methods of manual unloading. It can significantly improve processing power: it is not necessary to manually carry or carry packages throughout the process. The high flux can be guaranteed, at the same time, the operator’s fatigue can be relieved, which is of great significance to the whole discharge process. Because of its many features, it can make the unloading process faster and more efficient. We can see that the product variety is balanced and the operator is skilled and the processing capacity will increase greatly. In general, this processing power is more than three times the ability to uninstall.

Full security. This is also very important.

The one place where the burman unloader fpc1 is very focused is security. We can cite an example, for example, that the operator and the package can maintain a sufficient safety distance because it has the design of the station. The side plates on the telescopic belt conveyor have a great effect. It prevents the package and package from falling to the ground. Generally speaking, we can control the unloading unit through the joystick, while it is easier and more accurate to unmounts the uninstall unit to the removable container. In the detachable container, we can control the assistant when we are in control. Generally speaking, the foot pedal can also play a large role, and the pedal can control the whole process of the unloading process. So, it’s very comprehensive. After all, we all know that security comes first.

The burman handling device fpc1 is characterized by ergonomics, so it can be more efficient.



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