Do you know what is an alternative fuel for a cement rotary kiln ?

Do you know what is an alternative fuel for a cement rotary kiln ? If you don’t know, you don’t have to worry, we can look at it. You can see what alternative fuels are. At the same time, alternative fuels play an important role.

In the process of cement production, do you know where the cost of production is spent? Typically, about 40 percent of production costs are spent on energy. Therefore, standard fuel should be excluded, for example, such as coal, oil and natural gas. Meanwhile, alternative fuels are of great interest to manufacturers. Why are alternative materials interested in manufacturers? There’s a reason for that. Not only can it be treated with waste, but it is also the economic benefit that is more important. As a result, alternative fuels are increasingly being needed.

As a waste fuel or secondary fuel, waste oil should be excluded, while waste tires and rubber debris and broken wood, plastic or oily minerals are also waste fuels or secondary fuels. As you can see, these alternative fuels are huge and cheap. These are the invisible effects of these alternative fuels that need to be discovered. Do you know what these alternative fuels do? Generally, they can be used in the high-temperature treatment process of the rotary kiln of the cement factory. At the same time, we can see that no risk arises during processing. So, there’s a nice result here. The result is that there is no pollution, and the quality of the cement is not affected. So this is the irreplaceable role of alternative fuels.

Berman group has developed a set of special technology, this technology is for the high temperature of cement rotary kiln process using specific research and development of alternative fuel, many sets of alternative fuel processing equipment have been provided by the group for the customer.


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