Do you know what is filling technology ?

Do you know what is filling technology ? Below we can come to a specific understanding of filling technology!

Filling technology is the filling technology of building materials, cement and chemicals.

As an expert in filling technology, the reliable partner you need is B Group. System B has a wide range of applications. For example, it is widely used in building materials, cement and chemicals in reliable, moderate and sustainable packaging. Its processes are perfectly integrated, which ensures the best performance of all time. The precise engineering drive is the B Group, which represents the content, because it is intended to achieve the exact means.

Do you know what the B filling system has? Its greatest characteristic is very flexible.

The filling system that meets all kinds of requirements is provided by B Group. We have a lot of basis, for example, the bulk density of the product, flow characteristics and particle size distribution, etc., according to these factors, we provides global customers with a filling system, the system is a separate custom filling system, maximum throughput is the purpose of the filling system. The best systems are available for almost all materials in industries such as construction, cement, minerals and chemicals. Do you know any special requirements for the chemical and petrochemical industries? Its requirement is to get innovative solutions. Meanwhile, in a compact system, packing and sealing plastic bags are also necessary. Low procurement costs, high component utilization and maintenance are also very important, ensuring the efficiency of all group B filling systems.

It also has different requirements for a wide range of system choices:

The reliability of the innovation system and the free flow of the economy fill various flows, the fine or coarse-grained products are provided by the fpc1 filling system series. What do these filling systems include? Now, let’s see.

Fpc2 filling machine:

Fpc3 rotary filling machine:

Fpc4 impeller filling machine:

Fpc5 inline filling machine:

Fpc6 filling sealing system:



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