Do you know what is the “hot hand problem” of conveying technology ?

Do you know what is the “hot hand problem” of conveying technology ? Are you curious? Now, let’s see.

High temperature resistance, complex transportation lines, strong climbing ability, these are some very special requirements. For general machines, it seems very difficult to meet these requirements. However, the specifications of the wide variety of the burman fpc1 conveyor series can meet the special requirements of hot materials delivery. Doesn’t that sound good? Indeed, this is an important advantage, and it is a great improvement compared to other conveyor.

Do you know what kind of equipment is used in chain conveyor technology? As we can see, these equipment components are tested through practice. At the same time, these components are the basis of safe and reliable operation of fpc1 conveyor. So, these components are very important. Because of the meticulous technical research and development with high quality materials and exquisite manufacturing process, the bowman fpc1 conveyor has a long life. At the same time, it also has extremely high economic value important safeguard.

The temperature is high.

Slope is greater.

Do you know the temperature of the hot material that has just been exported from the cooling furnace? Say it may surprise you, as high as 600 ℃, the temperature of the so, you can tell, the transportation equipment is high demands are put forward. Berman fpc1 conveyor materials plate width range is very large, its width ranging from 500 to 500 mm, it has a very big wheelbase, up to 250 m, higher transmission capacity, up to 1255 m3 / h, so, we see, it is the ideal system solutions.

What are the reliable product lines?

Now, let’s take a look at the fpc2 conveyor:

In fact, there is no doubt that fpc2 conveyor design, is a type of economy in horizontal and dip Angle of 28 ° inclined transportation. At the same time, we all know, the cost of it is extremely low, in practice, it’s the preferred Angle can reach 45 °.


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