Do you know what the is highlight of our fpc5 filling machine ?


Do you know what the is highlight of our fpc5 filling machine ?

Number of modules: up to 16.5 tons per hour, up to 240 tons per hour. This is all very surprising.

H,P or paper bag. Flat valve bag or valve bottom bag

Maximum availability.

The ergonomically ergonomic interface operation is one aspect, and we can see that the fpc6 filling system for maintenance and maintenance is specially designed. Because you need to make customers as comfortable as possible, simple accessibility and the availability of almost all components on the open market are supported. The smaller initial cost needs to be excluded, except for the fact that it is much lower in terms of subsequent costs than other such systems.

Air rotation filling: fpc6 filling system.

Do you know what the fpc9 rotary filling machine of group B is made up of? As we can see, it consists of four to ten filling modules. It is in this way that they can reach the maximum capacity of 3, 000 bags per hour, based on the number of filling mouths. These bags are all 25 kilograms of bags. High-precision weighing results are guaranteed by electronic filling control, which is in line with German calibration laws and international standards.

Do you know what the purpose of this is? To improve performance and ensure that the machine is operating at full capacity, it is possible to add fully automated bags, and to independently adjust the package format is the ultimate goal.

Below, let’s take a look at the highlights of fpc9 rotary filling machine.

Number of modules: 4 to 10 capacity: up to 3, 000 bags/hour (10 modules)

Fpc8 inline filling machine.

Fpc8 filling machine is characterized by its high efficiency in the production environment with low throughput. It can fill up to 1200 bags per hour; At the same time, you can see that they are installed together, so there are many advantages. For example, it is very simple and convenient to maintain. In the dustproof structure, filling, filling, sealing bag, control, control terminals and unloading belt conveyor can be selected at will.


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