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As we all know, it is very useful to get energy from burning rubbish and waste. It is very cost-effective. The heat generated can also play a big role. In general, steam generators can use the heat to generate electricity. Each year, trucks, ships and trains are transported to the waste disposal plant near the port of L tanker in Austria, with about 150,000 tonnes of commercial waste and industrial waste. In addition, there are about 50,000 tons of dehydrated sludge processed at A sewage treatment plant 13 kilometers away. As we can see, the sludge and scum will be transported directly to the power plant, starting from the treatment plant in A.

In this efficient waste-disposal plant, garbage is sorted and broken, and steel, nonferrous metals and impurities are separated. Eventually, particles with a maximum size of 80mm would also need to be transported, and in general, they would be transported to a bunker with a capacity of about 3,000 tons.

The fpc1 conveyor is adopted because they require safe transport.

“The distance between the waste treatment plant and the thermal power plant is very short, about a few hundred meters apart,” says E. The route will get more complicated through public streets. “In the planning phase, the absolute security of material transport is something we have to guarantee,” he said. It’s absolutely impossible to let garbage fall to the ground, even if it’s just a tiny bit. In addition, the smell of garbage needs to be avoided because the stench affects the people around it. The head of L has assessed many of the solutions for bulk delivery. Eventually the burman group’s fpc1 conveyor was selected. “This cost-effective device is our trusted product,” says E.

This fpc1 conveyor has comprehensive strength, and it also has professional support.

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