The sixth feature is that it has a modular design and runs very quietly. The seventh feature is its high flexibility.

What is the optional device? Double tray –

To ensure that high throughput requirements are our purpose, for this purpose, we can install two trays side-by-side in a small car. Through this process, we can see that both the number of pallets in the system and the sorting ability have doubled. At the same time, for each pallet, it can be tilted independently, but there is a requirement that it can only tip in one direction. For example, the left tray can only slide to the left and the right side can only slide to the right. In principle, what is the dual pallet sorting system used for? You know what? It is pre-sorted, and the function of this step is to pick up the goods to be sorted into the corresponding parts.

What is the fpc3 turnover type sorting system? What are its features? What role does it play in people’s lives? Now, let’s see.

We can see that the disc sorting machine fpc3 belongs to a high-speed circular sorting system. It has a lot of advantages. On the one hand, it can shorten the time of installation and debugging, while in the design layout, you can see that it is very flexible. At the same time, the new type of sorting technology also has a big advantage, that is that it’s extremely has advantages of environmental protection, carbon dioxide emissions can be greatly reduced, at the same time, the energy efficiency can be improved, at the same time, the product life cycle cost is greatly reduced.

You can see, as a kind of sorting system, fpc2 is a highly efficient sorting system, in this case, advanced power system has been adopted, so that it can achieve rapid, gently to sorting the goods. Isn’t that important?