Filling system

Fpc8 filling system and fpc9 filling system.

The fpc8 turbo filling machine and fpc9 air inline filling machine have the same number of modules, all of which have four modules. Do you know where they are? These modules are placed next to each other to make it easier to access. Do you know what’s in it for that? This makes them very convenient to maintain. We can fill a lot of bags per hour according to the number of filling mouths, about 1,200 bags. Automatic filling process with bag mat or pressing button. Once the filling process is over, the bag needs to be done automatically and vertically into the belt conveyor.

Fpc8 filling machine is driven by motor using impeller. These impeller are installed horizontally or vertically because the controlled material flow and the best material compaction need to be ensured. Do you know what the fpc9 filler does? It can be fluidized by a hairdryer, and then the filling machine can carry the blower gently and accurately to the box.

Prominent fpc0 impeller filling machine and fpc9 inline filling machine.

Do you know how many modules they have? The number of modules is 1 to 4. What’s the capacity? It has a capacity of 1200 bags per hour (4 modules)

Fpc6 filling machine.

Whether H P or a paper bag, bag or the bottom of the valve to valve: automatic bag of BEUMER group placer is selective, capacity and utilization rate of fpc5 filling machine you can improve and increase.

The requirement for automation is high capacity.

With the exception of rotation and inline filling machines, one option is provided by B Group, and the bag placer can be added because the optimization of automatic feeds of different package types is the ultimate goal.


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