Filling technology

The fpc1 machine in the filling technology. How about this machine? We can look at that.

Rotary filling. Fpc2 filling machine.

On cement, lime or different types of gypsum – high-performance fpc1 rotating impeller filling system is clean, it can accurately and reliably fill 260 tons per hour fine-grained material into all kinds of the size of the package. In fact, we can see that this is a very difficult thing. The length of the bag is also very long. In general, it can reach 800 millimeters. Now, it can also be filled. The availability of fpc3 filling machines is increased by high performance drivers. We can see that even difficult materials can be reliably handled. The flow of material in the filler nozzle was also improved by the new design.


You can see that because of the high performance of the filling impeller drive, the filling of various bags becomes very strong, and in general, it can reach the optimization material flow of 800 mm. The installation is also simple, the nozzle adjustment is also reproducible. Because of the real modularity, you can see that service friendly accessibility is also easy to improve and transform. If you can fill it accurately, then you need to thank the trial and test weighting techniques. The HMI operation (human-machine interface) is also very simple and intuitive.

We can see that the design is simple to handle.

Due to the complex design, the optimized BEUMER fpc2 can be removed to the transport unit. At the same time, it is very easy to transport and quickly reorganized. As you can see, it is also very easy to transfer several Settings required by the fill module to other modules. Therefore, we all know that we can implement product changes quickly.


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