Filling technology

turntable stretch wrapping machine;

For innovation fpc0, it has been optimized. Ensuring the highest process stability and lower maintenance and operating costs is the ultimate goal. They are solid, for this reason, through mechanical and modern control electronics, accurately placing the bag in the spout is something that the machine can do. Isn’t that great?

Do you know what a double bearing fixture is? Do you know what it does? It can ensure that the machine runs smoothly and the vibration is minimal. This is an important role. Do you know many other quality features? Combined bag MATS and turntables are other traits, and ream magazines with stable compartments are other characteristics.

His fpc2 was highlighted

Do you know what its capacity is? It has a high capacity of about 6,000 bags/hour. Now, let’s look at the optimal combination. It’s easy to adjust to other bag formats. From the anti-collision device to the filling machine. The water absorption technique also has a great effect, it can optimize the wear. No oil, low maintenance vacuum technology. Do you know what the advantage is? It’s very convenient to maintain.

Do you know what the B form filling sealing system is? Now, let’s take a look at this.

Do you know any challenges to packaging chemical products? High product temperature, special flow characteristics and low dimensional stability – these are the challenges of packaging and packaging chemical products. As a partner, he developed an innovative, compact, high-precision, high-precision form of packing system that he developed to address these challenges.

B filling system.

It satisfies three functions and a compact, space-saving system: from the precast tubular bag PE membrane. Give them a lift with the corresponding products and seals, and 2600 bags per hour.

Do you know what the filling process looks like? It is reliable, moderate and sustainable. In addition, accurate filling results are ensured by the integrated weighing device.


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