For the new conveyor

For the new conveyor, they must be perfectly adapted to the existing site topography – for example, it must be aligned with the entry road. During the transportation process, the loss of materials will not occur when the slope is downhill.

It has strong comprehensive strength and professional support.

Berman group is a global development and customized supplier of professional transportation technology. Meanwhile, it is also the preferred partner of building materials manufacturer. In the building materials industry, we can see that berman has been a supplier of technology solutions for almost 80 years. Building materials supplier to provide one-stop solution and best support is our goal, in order to achieve this goal, berman global development, every advantage resources in the field of integration, multiple competitive center has been formed. We can see the “tubular belt conveyor” business area is one of them. The business competitiveness center is responsible for global sales and project management. For example, two companies in Austria and the Czech republic, for example, have worked closely on the project.

It has the advantage of high environmental protection and low maintenance.

The person in charge said, “working with the head of the cement plant to develop a project solution, optimizing the adjustment, meeting various requirements is what we want to do. Our consideration is to protect the environment and reduce the cost of maintenance, so you can see that a plan is coming soon. The plan is to select a tubular belt conveyor for cement plants. We all know that the fpc1 conveyor of W cement plant has been put into use. At the same time, this conveyor is very reliable and durable. “Closed-end structure is adopted, so you won’t get the material drop, in the case of pedestrians and vehicles, at the same time, can also be effective to prevent the dust, the environment is protected”, J is said so. In fact, for this conveyor, it has other advantages. The requirements for long distance delivery, horizontal and vertical U-turns can be met with great satisfaction.



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