It provides effective packaging for low initial costs in building materials, cement, minerals and chemical industries. It is a little easier to maintain.

Fpc7 rotary filling machine.

In the case of high throughput, do you know what the fpc7 rotary filling machine does? It can turn on their full power: they are clean, precise, reliable, and can be filled with 6,000 bags per hour. We can see that the requirements and material characteristics of the application field are constantly changing. With this change, fpc8 filling machines and fpc9 filling machines are included in the construction series. Do you know what the applicable scope of fpc8 filling machine is? It is suitable for the fine grain products of free flow of cement, lime or various types of gypsum. Do you know what the applicable scope of fpc9 filling machine is? It applies to coarse-grained products of up to 16 millimeters in size, for example, mortar, wood shavings or dried concrete.

Fpc0 rv

16 filling module, fpc0 trailer has a great effect, it can fill up to 240 tons of precision materials per hour for different bag types. Technically, do you know what the characteristics of the system are? A compact rotor design is a feature of the system, and fast filling bags and maximum material throughput are still allowed. The weight of the bag needs to be adjusted, and the weight of a bag needs to be automatically adjusted because our purpose is to ensure accurate results. Outside the contaminated area, you can see, the vertical installation position of three cylinder open and close, so it is still protected unquestionable thing, not affected by dust, worn to be reduced, the service life of the need to be added. Reduced maintenance costs because the position of the bag drain cylinder is in the no-dust area.


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