It’s more economical, more efficient.

It’s more economical, more efficient.

Because it features low maintenance, high efficiency, and very short downtime, it allows users to quickly return to their books. If you use a forklift and a simple upper membrane operation, you can see that you can quickly replace the film. In addition, it does not need to air blast cooling for thin film thermal sealing.

At the same time, the optimized action sequence also has a great effect, which can improve the availability of the system. Do you know what effect the efficient suction device has on the mechanical grip? It can ensure that the processing of the film is more secure. Because of the energy saving technology, you can consistently save energy costs for driving devices.

It’s easy to operate. This is also a big advantage.

In terms of manipulation, generally speaking, because of the continuous optimization system working environment and control, it can produce a bright effect: because of many features, such as. Berman’s modular, space-saving HMI (human-machine interface) and soft touch panel, graphical user interface and graphical symbols, so it’s easy to operate the system. On the panel, it is also possible to access the training program. Achieving good learning outcomes is our goal, and for this purpose, for some training programs, they also have video data.

Below, let’s take a look at its technical highlights.

It has a space-saving security concept: the overhaul platform and the stairway have been removed. According to the ergonomically optimized work position, on the ground level, the operator can operate the protective film conveying system. The upper membrane is very simple. At the same time, we can see that the film thermal sealing can not have cooling time. The drive technology is very energy-efficient. On the other hand, on the soft touch panel, the operation is very intuitive.





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