Liquid level indicator for loading head.

Liquid level indicator for loading head.

As you can see, when the vehicle is full, the accurate closing of the material is the filling level indicator. According to the nature of the material, different types of fill level indicators are needed. Volume density, flow characteristics and product temperature are the main criteria for selecting the correct switch. We can see that, for all systems, they are interchangeable: this allows quick and trouble-free modifications to be made, if needed.

Below, you can take a look at the fpc2 loader for bulk transport vehicles. The machine can also play a huge role.

We can see that in the cement industry, especially when the bulk transport station at the time of weighing bridge, unable to move in the process of loading, generally speaking, we all know that fixed bulk loading head is not enough. It is also possible to move large capacity loads to each filling port of the vehicle. Do you know what our fpc2 loading machine does? It can provide this option: the performance of the material and the length of the vehicle are well founded, and they are available for different sliding or rotatory loading system options. One or both of the load headers can be installed by these mobile loading systems, and of course, the factor that determines it is the available space.

In bulk material loading technology, we have a great advantage is experience and innovation – trust us, we can serve as your strong partner! If you have any problem, can contact me, the loading system of bulk material, we have a very rich experience, so that we can guarantee that provide you with advice very much, and we also believe that these Suggestions can help to you!



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