What mode of transportation should be adopted in the rugged mountainous region? You know what? In fact, in general, the rugged area will be transported by mule, which is an old way of transportation.

In China, berman group completed a large order.

The berman group has completed a project for the Asian cement group in Sichuan province, China. It has installed the grooved curve belt conveyor project to complete the curtain, because of the success of this event, so this once again proves berman group as the leading position of internal logistics experts. The total amount of the contract is very high, and according to the contract, there are 5 million euros. Development, manufacturing and installation of a 12.5 kilometer line of equipment, through rugged, mountainous terrain, and so on are included. Where is the headquarters of the Asian cement group? It is headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan), as we all know, it is a large manufacturer, specializing in the production of building materials, near the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu, a new cement factory has been completed. At the moment, we can see that a 4,200-ton concrete production line has been built locally, which is a great project. Asia Cement Group Asia Cement Group to entrust berman Group, it can hope berman Group to build a slot type curve belt conveyor, because once the conveyor is built, the limestone can be transport, these need to be transported to 30 kilometers away from the quarry limestone factories.

In terms of logistics and engineering technology, it faces huge challenges.

For more than 20 years, berman group has provided professional technical support for the Asian cement group, and the operation and use of many equipment and burman bucket machines have been completed well. We can see that, according to the terrain conditions and the need of logistics and engineering technology, model for the development of complete conveyor design, project implementation, and ultimately enable debugging is berman group needs to be done.


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