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The fifth advantage of the sorting device is that it is very convenient to extend to the system.

As you can see, the fpc1 sorting device is characterized by its high flexibility and impeccable flexibility: it can be installed anywhere on the outside of the sorting machine for the discharge unit. In addition, for the future, it can be very convenient to move the unloading unit or add other unloading points to the sorting machine. On the other hand, you can see, it’s the size of the design of the equipment is also special reasonable, its designers quite flexible: on the one hand, it can be installed as single sorting machine, on the other hand, for the installation of double sorting machine or three layers of sorting machine is feasible, at the same time, you can see, two or three independent system is equipped with. All the parts you need can be provided by berman group, for example, such as for a line and discharge pay-off, scanner, weight and volume measurement system, product feed chute, deposition and tilting device, these are included.

Another advantage of this sorting device is that it is economically efficient throughout.

Do you know what is the highest performance under reasonable cost? Compared with other complex sorting equipment, the fpc1 sorting equipment has a great advantage because of its simple structure, low complexity and low investment cost. On the other hand, it has many advantages, such as mature technology, firm structure, soft handling and efficient sorting, which are all of its characteristics. This sorting machine can be a great help for the quick return of investment to customers.

Technical highlights.

We can take a look at their structure design efficiency, such as single, double and three layer structure design efficiency of sorting machine: they are sorting of all kinds of goods are very fast, can reach 15000 pieces per hour, discharge time can achieve fast and reliable. The handling of the goods is very gentle, and it also has a flexible modular design concept. On the other hand, it is a one-stop service, so it is highly environmentally friendly.




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