Packing technology

Fourth, according to different product dimensions, can be flexible. Fifth, we can see that its sound energy level < 75 db. (A) sixth, maintenance is reduced. Seventh, the maximum packaging capacity per hour is also high, about 200 pallets. Eighth, the protection of 5 faces or 6 faces can be chosen. Ninth, the fire-extinguishing device or additional cooling system is not required to be configured in order to reduce external environmental impact. Tenth, we can see that the first packaging and/or the packaging of the product also need not paste film, at the same time, it can be fully reused.

Double belt transposition device.

Berman fpc3 stacker system’s dual belt translocation device can be very gentle when rotating bag. We can see that in terms of speed, two independent drive belt speeds are different, but gentler handling of goods is something they can all do. They are very applicable to building materials, cement, chemical and food industries.

Its feature is that it is very gentle in handling bags, and it is also very efficient. It can reach up to 2,500 units per hour. Stacking works better. As we can see, it has very low wear and energy consumption, and it is not necessary to repeat the adjustment. Running costs can also be greatly reduced. It’s very convenient to operate. It’s also easy to maintain.

Rod transposition device

The rod – shaped transposition device is used to push the bag side to the desired position. The rod transposition device has a very wide range of applications, which can be used in any processing power of berman fpc1 stacker. It is applicable to a large number of products that deal with strong packaging.

Suitable for large – flux handling of bagged goods. The solution to rotate the bag by 90 degrees is also very simple. At the same time, it can be prepared for layering. Another feature is a non-pneumatic or hydraulic system. Its energy consumption is low, so it is almost unmaintainable. The operation is very convenient, and the advanced and efficient deceleration motor is adopted, so you can see that its reliability is very high.


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