Durable and quiet

As we all know, it is very useful to get energy from burning rubbish and waste. It is very cost-effective. The heat generated can also play a big role. In general, steam generators can use the heat to generate electricity. Each year, trucks, ships and trains are transported to the waste disposal plant near the

Developing clean energy is a process of turning waste into treasure.

Developing clean energy is a process of turning waste into treasure. In terms of waste incineration equipment, the products L very much trust are the fpc1 conveyor of the berman group. Energy suppliers to adopt L fpc1 conveyor equipment is berman group, this machine can realize the life rubbish and industrial waste and sludge from

For the new conveyor

For the new conveyor, they must be perfectly adapted to the existing site topography – for example, it must be aligned with the entry road. During the transportation process, the loss of materials will not occur when the slope is downhill. It has strong comprehensive strength and professional support. Berman group is a global development

With the development of economy, people’s demand for cement is increasing. Every 14 days, you can see that the U, N, B and K quarries next to the hildheimer lime valley provide plenty of limestone and mudstone. In the process of cement production, what you need to do is to break the quarried limestone, and

This machine can blend perfectly with the environment.

This machine can blend perfectly with the environment. German Portland cement supplier W is very trusting of the boman group’s fpc1 conveyor. The German Portland cement supplier W USES the burman group new type fpc1 conveyor, which can be transported to the cement mill through this conveyor. The length of the conveyor system is very


In August 2007, we could see that these devices had been installed in the stipulated time, and it was running. The throughput is very high, about 200 tons per hour. The delivery speed is also fast, about 1.35 meters per second. To avoid horizontal turns and vertical turns that overlap with each other is our

Belt conveyor

The manufacturer of the building materials is actively trying to optimize the production process so that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, while alternative sources of raw materials and fuel are used. Therefore, in recent years, the alternative fuel has been adopted by the production line of seven kiln in PT factory. However, we can also

What is the role of this conveyor?

In Indonesia, a conveyor is installed by the berman group. This is a fpc1 belt conveyor. What is the role of this conveyor? Why install it in Indonesia? For Heidelberg cement group, berman group quickly completed the installation project. “Pursuit of the best quality of architecture” is the slogan of the Heidelberg cement group, which


Radius of turn after 8 levels, ranging from 1000 meters to 5000 meters, at the same time, berman group to simulate complex also, after a series of testing, accurate tape tension were calculated the berman group. Project there are a lot of difficult, on the one hand, rugged mountainous terrain is one of the difficult,

Belt tensile forces

In May 2006, the Asian cement group signed a large order with the berman group, which is an order for the 125-kilometer-long trough curve belt conveyor. This conveyor has a very high throughput, and in general it can reach 1, 500 tons per hour, and the delivery speed is about 4 meters per second. However,