Palletised stack

It can be closer to the outline of the stack, so that it can guarantee smooth coating. At the same time, the folds don’t come out. Stacking stability can also be improved.

It also has a feature that is precisely thin-film positioning.

What do you think about the berman stretch system? It can be applied to different packing methods and can be used widely. At the same time, it can locate the film more precisely on the size of the stack. These are very important features.

What is the tension of the biaxial film? What does it do? Now, let’s take a look.

Burman fpc1 combined with vertical and horizontal tension has a great effect on the membrane, which can stretch the thin film. So the stability of the stack can be guaranteed. Even irregular packages or sensitive goods are the same. After many transshipment, the original shape can be maintained well. This is its unique advantage.

Save space, operators can also get good protection.

Generally speaking, the design structure of burman fpc1 is not platform and drop frame through innovative membrane conveying system. This makes the structure of the system greatly reduced. Operation and maintenance of security has been greatly improved, as you can see, for maintenance personnel, it can stand on the floor maintenance work, we can give you an example, for example, if you need to change tooling or heat sealing mechanism, climbing up and down in the equipment does not need to do. Lowering the equipment to a maintenance location near the ground is also unnecessary. It also minimizes the risk of accidents and failures. After it is installed with a forklift or lifting device, the entire process of the upper membrane can be completed with a few simple actions. It’s a breath of air. Tools don’t need to be used.



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