Palletising technology

Do you know the technical highlights of the berman stack manipulator fpc1 series? If you don’t know, we can just take a look.

It has great flexibility when doing all kinds of homework. At the same time, one bright spot is that it USES compact design, so it can save space very well. The third bright spot is that it can change the fixture according to different packaging parts. At the same time, if it wants to change the packaging style, it is also easy to implement – if it wants to implement fully automatic switching, it can also use a button or by identifying a bar code. According to the structure, its maximum stacking ability is particularly strong, which can reach 1,900 pieces/hour. Even under extreme conditions, we can see that it will not affect its operation, and it will work reliably.

There are other advantages to the berman stack manipulator fpc1 system, for example, it can be equipped with different fixtures. At the same time, this manipulator is very flexible, and flexibility is a big feature of it. Placing the package from above to the specified location can be achieved by the fixture system. At the same time, you can also see that it can place different sizes of packages on the same tray. These are the highlights and advantages of this machine.

What is the forked grip? So let’s see. What does it do?

We can see that both the bagged and the cardboard box: the forked grip can play a big role. It can reliably, gently, accurately stack these two types of products. At the same time, its processing power is very strong, it can reach 600 pieces/hour.

What is a bifurcate grip? What does it do? So let’s see.

If you use efficient double fork grabs pallet goods and cartons, bags, then, there is no doubt that you will enhance its capability of processing, generally speaking, your capacity can reach 900 pieces per hour – in addition, each time the trip, you can also move the two package. These are its advantages.



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