Because of the use of variable frequency control and servo technology energy-saving motor, the product specific steering device and the optimal electrical control system, therefore, can achieve efficient, safe and accurate stacking. This is a very good result. This is all the credit of the fpc1 stacker.

You can use the fpc1 stacker, and you can pack a pack of strong goods by using this stacker.

Similarly, we also can give you an example, both fertilizer and cement: in general, they adopt particular form of bag marshalling, berman fpc1 stacker crane series of the pallet stacker crane capacity is very strong, in general, it can be up to 5500 / hour. Isn’t that great? Its daily output is staggering, and it can complete orders more quickly. Meanwhile, excellent stack quality and soft bag handling can also be guaranteed. The optimized translocation device has been adopted, so we can rotate the material bag according to the group style. We can give an example, for example, a two-belt translocation device designed for easily deformed goods. Rod transposition device designed for packing strong goods. In addition, the most advanced driving techniques have been adopted by high-speed models. At the same time, it has many excellent properties, for example, its parameters are variable and adjustable. On the other hand, you can see that its user interface is simple, easy to use, and these are features of its features.

What are the technical highlights of the berman fpc1 stacker series? You know what? We can look at that.

Generally speaking, it is extremely soft and precise for the processing of bags, and all the commonly used package styles intuitively set the parameters to be included in the stacking program. Bags and pallet size can also be changed. Simple drive technology, at the same time, it has the advantage of low noise, low wear compact, spatial optimization structure.