Robotic palletisers

Berman stack manipulator fpc2, what is this? You know what?

This is an innovative stacking technology, so let’s take a look at this innovative stacking technology. This technique is a great technological advance.

As we can see, in many industries, they require not only the stacking of bags, but also the stacking boxes, cartons, wooden boxes and canned goods. These things are great help for their packaging. To this end, berman group has developed a stacking manipulator, which can meet the stacking requirements of different goods with the corresponding clamping manipulator. So, that’s a big benefit.

Berman stacking manipulator fpc1 series is characterized by high quality, soft handling and high reliability. These are its advantages.

The most advanced stacking technology has been adopted.

As we can see, the main tool for the fpc1 series of the berman stack is the special fixture, which can be stackable and unpacked for all kinds of packaging. This is a huge step forward. As you can see, the berman adaptive control system is very easy to operate. At the same time, it can adapt to the working conditions of various transformations flexibly. These are huge advantages. Through variable parameters, the complex process can be controlled reliably and efficiently. These are great advances in technology.

Do you know the characteristics of the berman stack manipulator fpc1 system? As we can see, it is characterized by high efficiency and high accuracy of stacking, while it is also possible for the manipulator to install in a small space. In addition, for batch processing products, bags also applies system, we can see that even the frequent replacement products, if you want to change the configuration, you can also is very convenient.