Sortation Systems

What is the bowman fpc2 tray sorting device used? You know what? It USES is contact energy transmission mode, because using this way, so it made the tilting motion and the whole system running noise is extremely low, at the same time, operating costs are the lowest to the greatest extent. The electric drive is used by the fpc2 tray tilting device, and it is not a mechanical drive. Do you know what the salient feature is? The initial position of the pallet itself is its salient feature, and it can transmit the negative capacity to the car. This is a very big role. If the tilting movement can be separated from the sorting speed, the sorting speed can be greatly improved. This is obvious.

At the same time, it is feasible to preset the starting point of each discharge process, so that the full capacity of the unloading destination can be guaranteed by it. We can see that, in view of Yu Bo fpc2 tray for sorting machine, it USES the components and the technology is very reliable and durable, therefore, its feature is high reliability, on the other hand, it compared with the traditional sorting machine, the maintenance cost was obviously decreased. In addition, according to the customer’s factory structure, modular design concept can also design the optimal sorting equipment, which we can see that it will not affect and limit work efficiency completely. That’s a huge benefit!

What is the character of it? We can look at that.

The first feature is its gentle handling of cargo sorting. The second characteristic is that it has an easy to maintain electric or mechanical tilting device. The third characteristic is that it belongs to the two-dimension discharge process. The fourth characteristic is that the linear motor drive is adopted by it. The fifth feature is that it has low maintenance cost and low loss.




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