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Mixed bed

What is a mixed bed? You know what?

Mixed bed system inventory has a great effect, and is usually used to mix or homogenate raw materials. In general, if establish reserves when stacker, make its have the largest cross section of the same material layer, the role of bridge type scraper is big, it can be great help from recycled materials before pile homogenization effect. At the same time, in general, storage can be done outside or in the lobby.

Circular reserves.

Generally speaking, if circular storage is in a restricted space, feeding with a rotating stacker is something they usually do. We can all see that recycling these materials is from the internal slope of storage. Do you know how the rotary scraper works? It can be designed as a portal. If it’s a half – door or side scraper, they are used for this purpose. The best use of reserve capacity is achieved through independent storage and recycling.

Do you know what the baggage handling system is?

BEUMER group has played a big role in providing a fully integrated automatic high-speed airport baggage handling system for small, medium and large airports around the world. This is a great convenience for people. The systems for the production and integration of safe screening, storage, classification and transport are included. As you can see, there are reasonable plans for everything from check-in to boarding doors and the transportation and arrival of luggage.

It is our solution that is tailored to the customer’s specifications, and this solution is very useful, including the whole process of conceptual analysis and design to long-term services. Also, you can see that operations and maintenance are included. So, there’s no doubt that this baggage handling system has played a huge role, and that’s a huge technological advance.




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