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Safe transport

We can see, to enterprises all over the world, one-stop solution and best support can be provided it, all fields were berman group integration advantage resources, so more competitiveness center is formed. One of them is the field of fpc1 conveyor. What is the role of this business competitiveness center? It is responsible for global

For the new conveyor

For the new conveyor, they must be perfectly adapted to the existing site topography – for example, it must be aligned with the entry road. During the transportation process, the loss of materials will not occur when the slope is downhill. It has strong comprehensive strength and professional support. Berman group is a global development

With the development of economy, people’s demand for cement is increasing. Every 14 days, you can see that the U, N, B and K quarries next to the hildheimer lime valley provide plenty of limestone and mudstone. In the process of cement production, what you need to do is to break the quarried limestone, and

This machine can blend perfectly with the environment.

This machine can blend perfectly with the environment. German Portland cement supplier W is very trusting of the boman group’s fpc1 conveyor. The German Portland cement supplier W USES the burman group new type fpc1 conveyor, which can be transported to the cement mill through this conveyor. The length of the conveyor system is very

Conveyor belt materials

According to experience, generally speaking, we all choose the corresponding conveyor belt materials and surface structure according to different products, which are the products of experience, so it is not wrong to do so. Generally speaking, if there is no contact energy and data transmission, the burman cross-belt sorting machine fpc2 can be of great

The conveyor is further development of the heat feed conveyor

In addition, there is also a fpc3 conveyor, we can come to see specifically what is fpc3 conveyor. As we all know, the fpc3 conveyor is further development of the heat feed conveyor, and the steel corded tape is adopted, which replaces the double-platoon ring chain as the traction component. At the same time, it

What is a tubular belt conveyor?

What is a tubular belt conveyor? The system of fpc1 conveyor is a curvilinear transmission system with a closed-form structure, which has a wide range of applications, including various types of dispersing materials. Do you know what conveyors are used in the loading and unloading areas of the conveying system? In general, it adopts the


You know the reason for choosing the berman group. What is it? Generally speaking, we may encounter a difficult passage in transit zone, when we are conveying, if you use trucks, so your shipping costs will be greatly increased, there is no doubt about it. So the cost has been greatly increased. If you use

What is the fpc1 conveyor?

What is the fpc1 conveyor? You know what? We have discovered that this is a long – distance economic solution. This is a market pioneer in technological innovation. Over the years, the berman group has done a lot of things, such as it has been committed to providing the global user with the bulk and