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Packing technology

Fourth, according to different product dimensions, can be flexible. Fifth, we can see that its sound energy level < 75 db. (A) sixth, maintenance is reduced. Seventh, the maximum packaging capacity per hour is also high, about 200 pallets. Eighth, the protection of 5 faces or 6 faces can be chosen. Ninth, the fire-extinguishing device

Palletised stack

It can be closer to the outline of the stack, so that it can guarantee smooth coating. At the same time, the folds don’t come out. Stacking stability can also be improved. It also has a feature that is precisely thin-film positioning. What do you think about the berman stretch system? It can be applied

Packaging technology

Burman fpc1, do you know ho. does this technology works? This technology is a practical, efficient and space-saving packaging technology. We all know that there is a problem here, and the question is how can you make a more economical and efficient mask pack? We can take a look at berman fpc2 in the series