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What is the hand grip?

What is the hand grip? What does it do? We can look at its advantages. Efficient pallestacking tool is hand grip, do you know what its application scope is? Generally speaking, it is suitable for the stacking of a stable material bag. Its stacking ability is also very strong, about 1,200 pieces per hour. What

Palletising technology

Do you know the technical highlights of the berman stack manipulator fpc1 series? If you don’t know, we can just take a look. It has great flexibility when doing all kinds of homework. At the same time, one bright spot is that it USES compact design, so it can save space very well. The third

Robotic palletisers

Berman stack manipulator fpc2, what is this? You know what? This is an innovative stacking technology, so let’s take a look at this innovative stacking technology. This technique is a great technological advance. As we can see, in many industries, they require not only the stacking of bags, but also the stacking boxes, cartons, wooden