The machine has a self-sustaining function

The machine has a self-sustaining function, which ensures that the head can be maintained at a higher position when the cylinder is leaking. These are very useful features. Using integrated sensor to adjust saddle height is a further choice. Transformation and replacement can be easy, and adjustment is not needed. As you can see, the connection rod is down and the dust deposition can be very well prevented.

The work process is simple and simple to operate, which is also a great advantage. Fpc3 fillers can be easily, quickly and reliably controlled and through a ergonomically compliant, ergonomic interface that we can see that the 12-inch man-machine interface USES five-wire touch technology. The efficiency of the work program is also enhanced by this optimized user interface and navigation with an easy-to-understand and intuitive interaction concept.

Technical data.

Do you know how many modules it has? At most 16, that’s the number of modules it has. How high is its output? It also has a high yield, about 260 tons per hour and 6,000 bags per hour. What is the length of the bag? 350-800 mm. Flat valve or paper, HDPE or pp. The bottom bag of the valve is weighing technology. HMI:12 inches, and it also has five-wire touch technology.

What is the filling technique? Now, let’s take a look at the filling technique.

Filling technology is the filling technology of building materials, cement and chemicals.

As a populating technologist, your reliable partner is BEUMER Group. BEUMER’s system is widely used in the reliable, moderate and sustainable packaging of building materials, cement and chemicals. Its processes are perfectly integrated, precisely because of this, so the best performance of all time can be ensured. The precise engineering drive is represented by the berman group, and at the same time, through time verification, we can see that it can be achieved in a precise way.





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