What is bulk head?

What is bulk head? Usually, it’s used in tank cars.

The quick, dust-free loading of the tank car can be realized by berman’s bulk head. Do you know what this means by designing a dual-door system? This means that the feed end and the deducting devices are separate. The bulk head must be connected to the dust air net. Use electric or manual winch to achieve the purpose of lifting device. At the same time, it is also important to give the material a dose. Use the hover button to operate. Sound complicated? But only in this way can it play a big role. In terms of technology, it has been significantly improved. There is no doubt about it.

What you need to do is to place the bulk head above the feeding tube, and you can see that the seal cone is going down and the casing needs to be opened. At the same time, it is adjustable for the drop depth of the sealing cone, and the sensor is also equipped. The loading height of tank truck can also be adjusted. In order to realize localization, you can see that the bulk head can be moved sideways. If so, it also has great benefits, which can make up for the inaccuracy of the parking position of the tank car. At the end of the loading process, do you know what will happen? The vibration electrical opportunity will be removed with the material that is attached, so the situation of the dirty tank car will not appear.

Do you know what the bulk head of the integrated filter is? Generally speaking, it is used in tank trucks. So, in this respect, it can play a big role.



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