What is fpc7 dipper?

At the same time, the demand for delivery capacity is not high. Generally speaking, the situation of small to medium is the normal requirement. As we all know, this is a very economical and efficient solution. In addition, heat material delivery is also applicable. Therefore, this bucket machine has made great progress in every aspect.

According to the customer’s request, you can also design some special structure of fpc5 bucket lift, for example, fpc6 bucket lift machine.

What is fpc7 dipper?

The fpc7 dipper is also a new development, it is a further development of the traditional bucket machine, in the longer center distance, it can easily achieve high throughput. One of the most important aspects of the bucket machine is the ability to deliver. We can determine the technology of this type of bucket machine by the transmission capacity of the bucket.

Do you know the advantages of the fpc7 bucket? It can be especially suitable for conveying high temperature, granular and abrasive powder. In the cement industry, the applicability of the berman center fpc7 bucket is mainly to the high temperature, abrasive and high clinker, which is delivered vertically to the hopper feed and clinker. So it’s not easy for this fpc7 bucket machine to accomplish such a difficult thing. In fact, we all know that this is very difficult.

What do you think of berman? Its equipment has high reliability and long service life. You know this means higher economic benefits for customers using berman’s technology.

You can take a look at the information. The data is very impressive. Through these data, we can see that the bucket machine has been greatly improved in terms of technology.

Maximum lifting height: > 175 m. It also has a strong delivery capacity, which can be as high as 1,800 m3/ h. It can deliver abrasive materials. At the same time, it has the advantage of good wear resistance. Its heat transfer materials satisfy ATEX or similar requirements, and the special structural design of explosion-proof can be adopted.






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