What is the cross-belt sorting system?

What is the cross-belt sorting system? What is fpc1 cross-belt sorting system? What does it do? What role does it play in people’s work? Now, let’s see.

What are the product lines of the berman fpc1 cross-belt sorting system? We all know that the burman cross-belt sorting machine fpc2 and the cross belt sorting machine fpc3 are included. Applications from all walks of life in the whole world, berman, a group of the sorting system and the software has a wide range of application, you can see, now, there are many advanced automated high-throughput logistics system, they are integrated with our equipment:

First, the postal and Courier industries. The second logistics system is the letter box, package and small envelope shoes and clothing industry. The third logistics system is the shoe box and the clothing mail-order enterprise and the newspaper distribution industry. The fourth logistics system is the product of plastic film packaging, the surface friction coefficient is high (viscosity) food industry. The fifth logistics system is an unstable and sensitive product, for example, frozen food, baked goods and other dairy products. Sixth logistics system is the product type, shape, friction properties, they are a variety of different, for example, for example, airport baggage handling or cargo handling, shipping center can make use of the logistics system.

What is the burman cross-belt sorting machine? What are its features? What does it do to people’s work? So let’s see. The use of non-contact energy transmission technology, linear motor drive is the burman cross belt sorting machine fpc2. We can see that the size, shape, and surface features of the product have little impact, no matter what they are, they can all be sorted for all products. At the same time, they can deliver reliable, gentle delivery to an accurate destination.


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