What is the fpc1 conveyor?

What is the fpc1 conveyor? You know what? We have discovered that this is a long – distance economic solution.

This is a market pioneer in technological innovation.

Over the years, the berman group has done a lot of things, such as it has been committed to providing the global user with the bulk and bulk of the equipment and systems. At the same time, we can see that in this area, it has also been a huge success. Since its inception, for conveying in the field of technology, berman group has a great influence, it relies on is flexible and efficient belt conveyor equipment, suitable for your company transportation task solution can be a good offer.

There’s a lot of information.


Center distance:

Let’s take a look at the fpc2 conveyor: it can reach up to 20 km

What’s the radius of its turn?

Fpc3 conveyor: > 400 m for horizontal turn. Its vertical turn is determined according to the application.

You can look at its delivery capacity:

>10,000 t/h, delivery speed: up to 6.5 m/s

Tilt Angle:

Up to 15 °, which is based on visual conveying material and determine.

You have to believe that we can deliver your product to the right destination: at the same time, we can do it safely and quickly.

Long distance, large slope, a sharp turn, this is in the process of conveying happens, faced with such a variety of transportation requirements, the corresponding personalized system solutions can be provided by berman group. Do you know why we are so confident? Because of our rich expertise, we can always find the most suitable way. Moving your company’s products from one place to another can be done quickly, safely, and economically.

Fpc3 conveyor, do you know what features it has? It’s economical and environmentally friendly. That’s a big benefit. Whether it is for people’s life, or for the environment.


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