What is the material position indicating machine?

What is the material position indicating machine? Generally speaking, we use it for bulk heads.

The loading condition of the precise monitoring tank truck is the role of the feeding position indicator, which needs to be shut down in bulk. According to different material characteristics, different material position indicator needs to be adopted. The material bulk density, flow characteristics and material temperature are the important indexes of this switch. We can see that all systems are interchangeable. According to the corresponding requirements, complete reloading can be quick and smooth.

What is mobile loading and unloading equipment? Generally, we use it for tank cars.

If a larger loading capacity requirements, such as cement industry, we can see that is just a fixed installation of bulk head is far from enough, tank trucks and stop in the process of loading on load meter weighing and unable to move, the more impossible. At this point, mobile loading devices are more needed. The bulk head must be moved to each feeding tube.

Depending on the material characteristics and the length of the vehicle, movable or oscillating conveyance equipment can be selected.

Depending on the site, the mobile conveyor can be equipped with 1 or 2 bulk heads.

The automatic delivery control system of berman group

Nowadays, modern bulk loading equipment has become very advanced, and it realizes automatic detection and automatic control. For the integration and delivery logistics, they need a custom-designed design concept.

For the berman group, it can not only provide a single loading control system, but also provide a complete logistics control solution according to customers’ needs. This is a big step forward.

Do you know how this came about? This is actually done through a time-tested system component.



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