What is the role of this conveyor?

In Indonesia, a conveyor is installed by the berman group. This is a fpc1 belt conveyor. What is the role of this conveyor? Why install it in Indonesia?

For Heidelberg cement group, berman group quickly completed the installation project.

“Pursuit of the best quality of architecture” is the slogan of the Heidelberg cement group, which produces and supplies building materials under the guidance of the slogan, which is distributed in more than 50 countries around the world. We can see that in cement, sand, gravel and pre-mixed concrete industries, the name of quality and capacity is the Heidelberg cement group. Modern technology and innovative production technology were adopted by it, at the same time, you can see, the building materials industry leaders of every factory is different, every factory has maintained a high production capacity. You can see that this success is no accident, it is a necessity. For decades, berman’s technology has been relied upon and trusted by the Heidelberg cement group. The berman group is headquartered in Germany and berman group has the leading internal logistics experts in the world. Therefore, it has great strength and can be trusted with products. At the same time, you can see that for the Heidelberg cement group, a lot of transportation equipment has been installed. The berman group for Heidelberg cement group subordinate company of Indonesia and production and installation of a new product, this is a fpc1 belt conveyor, the installation of the conveyor, once again proved that berman group in leading position in the field of transportation. There is no doubt about it.

Heidelberg cement group is a member of the world council for sustainable development (WBCSD). Therefore, the important content of Heidelberg cement group strategy is environmental protection.



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