What is the sorting machine control system?

What is the sorting machine control system? What does it do? You know what? What are its features? What does it do to people’s work and life?

As we all know, the control of all functions of the machine can be realized through the industrial programmable control system. This real-time control system has global maintenance services. It can perform berman sorting machine of all mechanical components and its peripheral equipment, these peripherals include for a unit, bar code reader/scanner and terminal, at the same time, it can also send control instructions. The signal from all the sensors and monitoring devices is what it can do. The distributed input and output devices of the bus network are included in the berman sorting device control system. We can get old powder, the burman sorting system is based on the server of the Windows system, do you know what it belongs to? Generally speaking, it belongs to the upper control of the sorting process.

System control software is a control system solution that is developed specifically for the postal, parcel service industry and distribution centers, so it plays a big role. As you can see, through a human interface, it is very easy for customers to operate and control the whole sorting system and logistics process. By controlling the module, the operator is also very clear if you want to know the full picture of the sorting machine, which is also very simple if you want to control it. On the other hand, through the logistics module, the whole sorting process can be understood by the operator, while the operator can control the system. On the other hand, the operator can track the goods (track & trace). At the same time, you can see that the operator can also operate the sorting machine.


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