What is the turnover sorting system?

What is the turnover sorting system? What is the fpc1 turnover sorting system? What are its features? What advantages does it have for people’s work? Below, we can take a look at the sorting system. It’s very important.

What are the product lines of the burman group fpc1 turnover sorting system? You know what? Burman turnover sorting machine fpc2 and LS-fpc3 turnover sorting machine are included. This is a very perfect sorting system. In the application of all walks of life in the world, we can see that the sorting system and software of berman group are widely used. As we all know, our equipment is integrated with many advanced and highly automated logistics systems. Therefore, our equipment is also very advanced.

What’s fpc1, burman, disk sorting machine? What characteristics does it have, what advantages does it have? So let’s see.

The basic product in our sorting machine series is the burman turning disk sorting machine fpc1. As we can see, the device that can realize the two-dimensional introduction of the cargo to both sides is the mechanical tilting device. So one of the things that happens often is that the goods slide out of the sorting tray, but it’s not popped up; At the same time, we can see that the speed of leaving the sorting pallet also changes, and its speed is significantly lower than that of the similar system. That is why it is possible to carry out the safe delivery of large letters, small packages, large packages and other products. At the same time, it can be sorted accurately to the designated place.

What is the burman fpc2 tray sorting machine? What does it do? What’s the property of it? Well, let’s see what it looks like.



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