“Sustainable Paper Packaging Machine Revolutionizes Secondary Packaging Solution”

The Almere plant in the Netherlands is responsible for supplying Yakult to eleven European countries. In order to improve their packaging process, Yakult made the decision to transition from using film to a more sustainable alternative.

To achieve this, Yakult turned to the Schubert – Packaging Machine. This innovative solution provided them with a sustainable secondary packaging option. By utilizing this technology, Yakult was able to reduce their reliance on film and contribute to a more environmentally friendly packaging process.

Additionally, Yakult also implemented Paper Packaging Equipment as part of their packaging solution. This equipment allowed them to further minimize their use of film and instead utilize paper-based materials. By making this switch, Yakult was able to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable approach to packaging.

Overall, Yakult’s decision to switch from film to the Schubert – Packaging Machine and Paper Packaging Equipment showcases their commitment to sustainability. By implementing these solutions, Yakult is able to supply their products to European countries while also minimizing their impact on the environment.

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“Sustainable Secondary Packaging with Schubert: Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry”
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