我们的团队会尽全力为您提供全自动收卷机的各种全自动收卷捆扎解决方案。我们的自动收卷机符合CE标准,采用最新的先进技术和工业设计标准。目前,业界提供的包装解决方案由风鼎机械。 我们一直在努力为包装行业提供创新和具有成本效益的产品。我们成功地解决了管材的包装效率问题。 将捆扎机/缠绕等等设备与生产线连接,成为自动包装线。具有收卷、捆扎、缠绕包装等功能,使用广泛,深受国内外用户的好评。

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风鼎机械:机械式提升机保持倾斜产品的稳定性,能显著提高工作效率,使液压提升机能顺利、有效地处理繁重的工作。 模具翻转机主要用于模具生产和使用时所涉及到的翻转需求。它广泛应用于大型超重模型翻转、方型/圆柱形模具翻转以及线圈翻转、…上图为钢卷、线材、铝卷。我们将为客户进行工艺流程的研究,降低不必要的损耗简化生产流程,进而提供“物超所值”的设备。我们拥有先进的技术和经验丰富的技术人员,严格的检验测试标准确保了产品的效率和质量。 机器可以根据客户要求定制 1.传动系统采用电机和齿轮箱. 2. 传送线可以连接装货和卸货  

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I received your quotation and it is higher than the other vendor’s option I propose an option to reduce costs Object weight: 20-150kg Package width: 15-150mm Package OD: 600-900mm Package ID: 300,400, 500mm OD-ID: <400mm do not use PLC Change all roller covered with PU by roller covered with steel (crom or nikel plated) The

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Maximum environmental protection, minimum maintenance

This results in a very good result, “which makes daily work more comfortable for employees. Meanwhile, the surrounding residents will not be affected. Throughout, it is professionally reliable. On the one hand, berman provides and installs the fpc1 conveyor, and all the solutions necessary for the optimization process are provided. We can cite an example,

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No dust

It has the advantage of high environmental protection and low maintenance. The person in charge said, “working with the head of the cement plant to develop a project solution, optimizing the adjustment, meeting various requirements is what we want to do. Our consideration is to protect the environment and reduce the cost of maintenance, so

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This conveyor is characterized by its reliability and durability.

This conveyor is characterized by its reliability and durability. Meanwhile, it is still quiet and noiseless. Specially designed for the fpc1 conveyor is the conveyor belt, which is very reliable and durable. We according to the point is that decades of professional experience, the calculation of proprietary programs also berman, research and development, because this

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Safe transport

We can see, to enterprises all over the world, one-stop solution and best support can be provided it, all fields were berman group integration advantage resources, so more competitiveness center is formed. One of them is the field of fpc1 conveyor. What is the role of this business competitiveness center? It is responsible for global

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Durable and quiet

As we all know, it is very useful to get energy from burning rubbish and waste. It is very cost-effective. The heat generated can also play a big role. In general, steam generators can use the heat to generate electricity. Each year, trucks, ships and trains are transported to the waste disposal plant near the

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