Belt tensile forces

In May 2006, the Asian cement group signed a large order with the berman group, which is an order for the 125-kilometer-long trough curve belt conveyor. This conveyor has a very high throughput, and in general it can reach 1, 500 tons per hour, and the delivery speed is about 4 meters per second.

However, there are also many obstacles and difficulties, and the terrain obstacle needs to be overcome. Mountain and bamboo forests are topographic obstacles. But, as we all know, most of the bamboo forest is protected by nature, so, on the one hand, draw service route is not allowed, on the other hand, also are not allowed to cut down to clear, so, this makes engineering difficult. At the same time, for berman, a group of engineers, has met the lower level of geological problems: first, the first problem is the land not solid, this is because the previous mining result; In addition, the composition of granite is soil, so it can be removed to some extent. In addition, along the route, a 1.5km stretch of water needs to be crossed. These extreme external conditions make the project difficult. In general, about 90% of the projects are performed manually. In some ways, the use of trucking is not allowed, so transporting some parts becomes a problem, transporting the components to a mule. For this reason, berman group design of the whole equipment fixed connection is done by bolt, at the same time, there is also a requirement for the parts is no more than 3 meters in length, because it will be more convenient transportation.

The height drop is also very large, generally speaking, can reach 100 meters.

As we all know, after receiving orders, berman group to the scene with the Asian cement group negotiate and set out a route scheme, the route scheme is slot type curve route scheme of belt conveyor.




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