Different sorting schemes can be well developed.

For each sorting area, different sorting schemes can be well developed. Therefore, the peak processing power of the sorting machine can be further improved. In addition, according to the specific production process, operators can also change the sorting plan. At the same time, the operator can reconfigure the system control software (CSC) and the sorting machine. This is all very important.

What is the standard software used for system control software? In general, they are made up of software modules that are tested in practice and are sturdy and durable, and all logistics processing requirements can be met with great satisfaction. At the same time, through the study, the system also has some redundancy, and, we found that if a hardware failure, it can also ensure that the restart and maintain system control software (CSC) related features. This is very important.

Information overview:

First, it sorting machine control system interface can display for the current situation, for example, the output command (such as start/stop, etc.) of goods management, and so on can be displayed, we can give you an example, the current inventory of goods and sorting plan management interface keep is connected with the master, download the sorting plan and upload that may be used. All control processes and information in the management system. Both platforms and interfaces can be reduced, so the complexity of the system is greatly reduced. On the other hand, we can see that it is extremely flexible, so that personalized requirements for different usage situations can be met with great satisfaction.

Of energy saving adopted by fpc2 linear synchronous motor, we can see, in does not affect the running speed, sorting ability and reliability of the product at the same time, the product life cycle cost was obviously decreased. Do you know what is the advantage of high-speed linear synchronous motor? Its advantage is that the contact between movable components can be eliminated. Therefore, wear can be greatly reduced, and the noise produced is extremely low.



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