For building materials, coal, grain, feed, mineral compounds or chemical products, they are often in the appropriate vehicle manufacturing sites load, at the same time, through the research we found that they are often as bulk shipped elsewhere. It is important to provide technical loading and processing systems for product design. It can also be installed. The volume density, product temperature and flow characteristics are taken into account when the system is dimensioning. Load capacity, weight and volume monitoring and clean, environmentally friendly operations are very important criteria.

As you can see, our system has a large ventilation surface, which requires only small amounts of air, which is also an important feature. If the flow plate in the sector is subdivided. Do you know what is the use of a robust design? It can make it have the best distribution of even materials.

Bulk cargo heads for bulk transport vehicles.

What are the advantages of bulk transport? It can make quick loading and unloading. At the same time, it can remove the dust with a bigger loader. These are important advantages and characteristics, and the design of them is based on the two-wall system, which is based on the principle that the feeding and dust removal devices are separated from each other. You have to connect to the dust removal air system with a large capacity load head. You can see, on the one hand, it can be an electric winch, on the other hand, it can also be a manual winch. It is very important to feed in a regulated way. A suspended button is used for operation.

If the bulk cargo head is placed on the filler neck, the sealing cylinder will appear low and the outlet nozzle needs to be opened. We can see that, for the filling level of the vehicle, it can be adjusted because of the low level of the cone, so a filling level gauge is also equipped. Any slight deviation of the vehicle’s position is our goal, and in order to achieve this, it is also possible to move the bulk pressure head horizontally when placed. When we terminate the loading process, any material still attached to the component will be shaken off by the vibrating motor. The vehicle’s dirt can be avoided at this time.


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